Friday, August 28, 2020

RIP Dad - We love and Miss You!

Gus Bragg Grave Stone


Monday, April 7, 2014

Some photos of Gus and his Shipmates on the USS Butte (AE-27) from Jim Robb

A Letter from Jim Robb

Gus was 31 or so when I met and knew him (1975-1977).  We were on board the USS Butte (AE-27).  Gus was an Electrician's Mate 1st Class and came into our shop (UNREP Shop - later called Winch Division and still later Stream Division) in about 1975 to replace our Leading Petty Office who for whatever reason was leaving.  We had a tight knit group of guys - Machinist Mates, Electricians, Electronic Technicians and a Boatswain Mate-me. We were all tops in our field and we knew it, which made Gus' transition into the shop difficult.  We were not what he was used to.  We were cocky, didn't follow orders very well but we knew how to work on the winches, elevators and fork trucks that our shop was responsible for.  We also had no qualms about working as long as it took to get something repaired, or back on line to complete a mission.  I recall repairs that caused us to work 48 hours straight with just catnaps and sandwiches and always, plenty of coffee!  Your Dad was perceptive and understood the group early on.  He "got" us.  He allowed us to do what we knew how to do.  I recall someone in our shop (probably Ken Jackson, a machinist mate) told him Gus, just stay out of the way and we will make you a star.  Gus did better than that, he pitched in and showed how good an electrician he really was while also giving us plenty of space.  He was a star!

Your Dad was a fair & decent man.  He was 12 or so years older than me and had years of Navy experience at that point & he was my boss, but he used that depth of experience to help rather than hold it over me.  It was a pleasure to know him and work for him.  He was a friend & shipmate!

Jim Robb

Sunday, April 6, 2014

USS Butte Stream Team Flag "The Pro's from Dover"

Family Photos. Linda and In Boat is Lois, Gus, and Linda and somebody else at Three Mile Island

Gus and Gerry

Unknown Friends and Sailors

USO Tour

USS Mount Baker Sticker - ROH 1984

Gus Sitting on the Job at Little River campground

Gus, Gerry and Dad Sr.

Young Gus

Gus as a Little Boy

Gus Fishing

Gus Camping